Big Break Slot Machine

Anyone video slots player who is looking for a big break slot machine will surely appreciate this latest offering from the luckynugget Casino called–appropriately enough–Big Break! The game is a 5 reel slot machine, 15 pay-line video slots that has a distinctive and very relaxing surfing theme.

Relaxing at least until you start in on the action! Once you get started with Big Break online slot machine, the action comes in hot and heavy, with plenty of free spins, free online slots bonuses, and multipliers coming your way at a breakneck pace.

Big Break offers you three ways to win, including Lucky Break, Big Break and Munky Wax. And you will want to be on the lookout for them as they can get you wins as big as 75,000!

Throughout the casino slot machine game, a host of comical and brightly colored creatures make an appearance, further adding to the attraction of the game. As you can imagine the graphics are superb and combined with the fast paced game-play and opportunities for numerous rewards make Big Break a game that you will definitely not want to miss out on.

There is also a second screen bonus feature where the biggest multiplier reward can show up, which can effectively multiply your wins by up to 50 times!