Linked Slots Machines

Many slots machines are linked together in such a way that they allow the offering of an unusually large prize or jackpot. Each of the slots machine in this network contributes a certain amount of money to this progressive jackpot with every transaction, the total of which is given to the player who manages to get the winning combination, be it a royal flush on a video poker machine or a the correct combination of symbols on a regular or nine payline slots machine.

The amount that is paid for the progressive jackpot is usually a lot higher than what most single slots machine could manage to pay out by itself.

In many cases, multiple slots machines are joined together across several different casinos across the country. In situations such as these, the slots machines are owned by the manufacturer who is solely responsible for paying off the jackpot prize. The casinos that contain these slots machines then lease them from the manufacturer instead of owning them. Megabucks operates probably the best known slots machines of this type.